Hyosung HICO History

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1962 - 1977 | Beginning

• Hyosung Heavy Industries (formerly HanYoung Industrial Co., Ltd.) was founded in South Korea

• Hyosung Heavy Industries produced South Korea’s first 154kV power transformer
• Hyosung Heavy Industries produced South Korea’s first 345kV power transformer

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1978 - 1992 | Era of Expansion and Research

• Hyosung Heavy Industries developed 154kV mobile transformer
• Developed Cast Resin Transformer
• Hyosung Heavy Industries satisfied ANSI standard in the short circuit strength testing of its 154kV 3-phase 60MVA power transformer

• Hyosung Heavy Industries won the Electricity and Energy Grand Prize' for development of a low loss transformer

• Hyosung Heavy Industries developed South Korea’s first 765kV extra-high voltage transformer

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1998 - 2004 | Era of Globalization

• First Power Transformer Delivered to North America
• Developed South Korea’s first 200MVAR 345kV shunt reactor
• HICO America formally established and incorporated in Pennsylvania
• First 345kV Shell Form Transformer installed and energized in North America
• First Core Form 345kV Transformer installed and energized in North America

• Established the Switchgear Final assembly, test and quality assurance plant in Greensburg,PA

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2005 - 2013 | Era of Sustainability

• Shipped First 345kV and 138kV Shunt Reactors in the US
• Designed and delivered first 500kV class transformers to North America
• Developed 800kV Gas Circuit Breaker
• Shipped first "HICO Package" to a wind farm in the US with MV switchgear, power transformer, and HV switchgear
• Delivered our first 800kV breaker and 765kV autotransformer to North America

• 1,000th Power Transformer Shipped in the US
• HICO America continues to expand its US-based organization to best serve our customers in North America

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2014 - Present | New Beginning

• Hyosung HICO Ltd. was founded in the USA
• US Local Transformer Manufacturing Facility opened in Memphis, TN

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