Sustainability is important to our company, to the industry, and the world

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Green Management

Blue sky, warm sunshine, clean water, cool breezes… Our lives become healthier and richer with the benefits of nature. Hyosung Heavy Industries is committed to protecting and preserving our precious natural environment with a sense of responsibility

Hyosung Heavy Industries actively contributes to building a cleaner environment for all through environmental preservation activities such as reducing the CO2 and wastewater generated from our production facilities. Furthermore,we also actively develop resources and recycling and energy reduction technologies, and actively engage ourselves in projects involving the utilization of new energy sources.

We promise to take the lead in environmental protection by reducing CO2 and protecting the natural environment.

Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reduction Activities

Hyosung Heavy Industries are committed to greenhouse gas reduction at each of our production facilities to mitigate greenhouse-gas-induced environmental damage. We continuously implement environmental initiatives such as adopting eco-friendly facilities and eco-friendly fuels. As a result, we have already achieved an annual reduction of 30,000 tons of CO2 at our Ulsan and Yongyeon plants alone, and our other production facilities are also amassing CO2 reduction track records. Through these activities, Hyosung Heavy Industries is determined to more actively involve ourselves in protecting our environment.

Wind Power Generation
Based on the technical know-how we have acquired through projects involving our speedometers, power generators, and power transmission/distribution equipment, Hyosung Heavy Industries has established South Korea’s first independently developed wind power generation system. In 2011, we developed a 750kW wind power generation system and a 2MW wind power generation system with international certification acquired, and we installed and are operating these systems on the wind farms in Jeju, Taebaek, and Pyeongchang. After developing the onshore wind power systems, we also developed a 5MW offshore wind power generation system in 2014, which boasts the largest capacity in South Korea with international certification acquired.

Solar Power Generation

Solar power generation, an infinite source of energy available in nature, is a future clean energy business that also significantly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007, Hyosung Heavy Industries carried out all stages of a project involving the construction of Samryangjin’s 3MW class solar power plant with our own technology under a turn-key contract, from design to material and equipment sourcing to actual construction work. In addition, we are also actively engaged in power generation business; having built and operated the 1.6MW class Taean Solar Farm Solar Power Plant since July 2008.

Energy Storage System

Hyosung Heavy Industries offers a wide range of Energy Storage System(“ESS”) solutions to the North American market, a system that stores electricity and uses it when necessary. ESS provides benefits such as increased use of renewable energy, improvement of stability of electric power use, and reduction of electricity bills. ESS is also used to supply power to island areas in conjunction with new and renewable energy sources.

Methane Gas Recycling Facility

Hyosung has been developing methane gasification technologies for food and beverages, and we have built a facility that produces electricity using methane gases generated in the decomposition process of food waste and soil. As a result, we now supply high efficiency energy with reduced CO2 emissions.

We will help build a wise world by leading the way in realizing the efficient use of energy.

Smart Grid(Intelligent Grid System

Hyosung Heavy Industries is also actively engaged in mart grid business where new and renewable energy sources such as wind energy are utilized. Smart Grid is an intelligent power grid system that combines IT with electricity technology to enable real-time bi-lateral exchanges of information between the electricity provider and the consumer with the goal of achieving optimal energy efficiency. In 2010, we supplied South Korea’s first smart grid product, 50MVA STACOM, to KEPCO, and we are aggressively engaged in developing technologies that will allow us to compete with global leaders.

High Efficiency Motors

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ high efficiency motors have electricity loss levels that are 20 to 30% lower than those of generic motors, but our motor’s energy efficiency is also 3 to 18% higher. As a result, they contribute to environment protection by reducing CO2 emissions and also save electricity costs for customers.

CNG Fueling Facility

Hyosung Heavy Industries has long since cemented our position as a supplier of fueling facilities for high efficiency natural gas. Mainly used for buses, CNG plays an important role in reducing CO2 emissions from public transportation.

Hydrogen Refueling System

Hyosung Heavy Industries provides total solutions encompassing the supply, production, assembly, and installation of materials for the construction of hydrogen charging stations. This allows for design efficiency, smaller installation space yet providing better compressor durability compared to competitors. In addition, Hyosung succeeded in localizing hydrogen chargers, hydrogen gas cooling systems, and hydrogen gas compression packages with its own technology. Hyosung also ensures safety, the most important element of hydrogen charging stations. Through real-time data analysis, Hyosung’s station not only displays charging status but also promptly identifies the cause of any problems. It is also equipped with a safety system that can manage hydrogen sensors, flame detectors, and pressure sensors in real time.

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